Find a Helpline

Side by Side

Online social support

Living Life to the Full

Online cognitive behavioral therapy

Now Matters Now

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) videos

Antidepressant Skills Workbook

Read or listen in 6 languages

From Survive to Thrive

Recovering from an eating disorder

PTSD Coach Online

Tools for coping with PTSD

PTSD Coach Mobile

Tools for coping with PTSD for mobile devices

Dealing with Psychosis Toolkit

Learn skills to help you deal with psychosis

Suicide Attempt Toolkit

Toolkit for people who have been impacted by a suicide attempt

Coping with Suicidal Thoughts

A short guide

CCI Mastering Your Worries

An anxiety workbook

You and Substance Use

Stuff to think about and ways to make changes


A personalised self-help tool

The Lowdown

A space created with rangatahi, for rangatahi

OCD Challenge

Online OCD program


What works for depression


Animated dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) skills videos

Live Through This

Stories of suicide attempt survivors

A safe place for young people to chat anonymously, get support, and feel better


Help dealing with loss for Canadians

MindShift CBT

Therapy skills for anxiety

Beating Bipolar

An online program for helping you deal with bipolar


Learn mindfullness from an app

Calm Harm App

An app to help you deal with self harm


Wellness modules

NHS Self-help CBT techniques

Learn stratgies used in cognitive behavioural therapy

Eisenberg Family Depression Center Toolkit

Information, tools, support, and resources

Staying Safe

Make a safety plan

Tools for Recovery

Take care of Your mental and physical health

CCI Bipolar: Keeping Your Balance

A workbook for people with bipolar disorder

Understanding Voices: Coping with Voices

Feeling overwhelmed by the voices you hear?*

Free crisis support for Canadians under 30

HealthyMinds App

Keep your mind healthy

My Anxiety Plan

Anxiety management program based on cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT)

Body Brave*

Online eating disorder treatment services for Canadians

Aunty Dee

Online tool for anyone who needs some help working through a problem


A chatbot that teaches you coping skills

Stay Quit Coach

Go from quitting smoking to becoming a non-smoker for good

MoodTools - Depression Aid

Keep a thought diary, track your symptoms, and create a safety plan


Keep records, meal plans, and track your ED recovery progress over time

Just a Thought*

Free courses for New Zealanders


Tools and support for Americans quitting smoking

Virtual Hope Box for Android

Tools and activities for coping with distress on Android

Virtual Hope Box for iOS

Tools and activities for coping with distress on iOS

Step Away: Alcohol Help

Step away from an alcohol problem


Therapy skills for Canadians

Rise Up + Recover

Create a better relationship with food

Small Steps

Tools to help with feelings of anxiety, stress, or low mood


Tools to help you quit smoking

My QuitBuddy

An app that helps you get, and stay, smoke-free


Online programs for Australians

Breathe2Relax for iOS

Follow breathing exercises on your iOS device

Breathe2Relax for Android

Follow breathing exercises on your Android device

quitSTART - Quit Smoking

An app that helps you quit smoking

Mental Health Online

Assessments and self guided treatment programs for anxiety disorders, PTSD, and depression


Create a plan to quit smoking


If you're experiencing abuse in your relationship, safety planning might be of help

Mind Approved Apps

Entirely Free apps vetted by Mind